As a Home for Nonprofits, the Urban Affairs Coalition has worked to improve the quality of life in our region for the past 50 years. Our work is important now more than ever. UAC is deemed as an essential business in the City of Philadelphia, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and in the communities we serve. We will continue to operate during this time, as we deliver and support essential services to our most vulnerable communities affected by the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

As part of our of our ongoing effort to keep our Partners, Employees, and Communities updated on the response to COVID-19, UAC has put together this page to share how you can help our friends, family, and neighbors in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

How You Can Help

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to provide updates about the Coalition through email, newsletters, and social media. Here are two things you can do right away to support communities in need responding to COVID-19:

  • Donate to UAC: Our organization is Home to 80+ nonprofit missions and initiatives that serve communities throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. Your donation to UAC – at any level – moves our mission forward.
  • Share Your Resources: Whether your company looking to volunteer time or talent or provide an in-kind service; or a community member who wants to help in any way - Contact us. We’d love your support.
Support our Program Partners

Another way you can help is to learn more and support our nonprofit Program Partners. Our Program Partners are on the front lines, serving our most vulnerable citizens every day. Visit our Program Partner Directory to learn more and support initiatives in homeless services, economic development, youth development, and many more. Listed below are specific needs from our Partners as they respond to COVID-19 on the ground. We will update this list as Programs' needs change. Please feel free to reach out to the listed contact person directly (list in alphabetical order):
Center for H.O.P.E.

Mission: Center for H.O.P.E. provides support services, life skills training, and other transitional resources to single adults age18 and older who are without homes and have been referred through the city of Philadelphia. Website
COVID-19 Response: CFH has put in place a number of protocols to help us mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In doing so, we have utilized guidance from the various local, state and government entities who daily send out information regarding the virus.
Supplies Needed: 8oz Styrofoam cups; Disinfect; Hand sanitizer; Masks; Beach (germicide); Clorox spray (bottles); Latex gloves (large & extra-large); Lysol wipes; Paper towels
Resources Needed: Experienced professionals who have provided teletherapy in the past to help us establish an effective service. Guidance on cost-efficient, quality teletherapy platforms to utilize.

Contact: Robin Ingram,
Chester Community Coalition

Mission: To heal the psychological and emotional impact of homicides and reduce trauma-related reactive violence in the City of Chester, PA.; Website

COVID-19 Response: Our office has been closed until April 5th. That date might change, as it was supposed to be closed til March 30th. We provide group therapy and case management, usually. In response to the Coronavirus, we are exploring the use of teletherapy, should the need for social isolation persist.
Resources Needed: Experienced professionals who have provided teletherapy in the past to help us establish an effective service. Guidance on cost-efficient, quality teletherapy platforms to utilize.

Contact: Alexia Clarke,
Collective Success Network
Mission: The Collective Success Network is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that supports low-income, first-generation (LIFG) college students to achieve their academic and career aspirations through empowering mentorship, professional development, and leadership opportunities; Website

COVID-19 Response: For the past 2 weeks, we focused on helping first-gen college students displaced by campus closings move home &/or store their things, or find temporary housing. Now we plan to address food insecurity among college students, and are also considering how to help those without computers to do online classes.
Supplies Needed: 10-15 used laptops to donate to students 
Resources Needed: Connections to food pantries & laptop donation programs; We could use advice/expertise how to address housing insecurity among low-income college students

Contact: Due Quach,
Entrepreneur Works

Mission: To provide small business owners and new entrepreneurs with the support and tools they need to thrive: small loans, access to other credit and capital sources, training and technical assistance and, above all, a network of peers, service providers, consultants, and potential customers; Website
COVID-19 Response: All 8 staff members are set up and working remotely with full access to our digital files on our server. We have suspended our in person workshops and meetings. We are working on providing some of our workshops as webinars. We are offering our loan borrowers deferment on their loan payments for up to 90 days and for those businesses forced to close due to the corona virus, we are offering emergency loans up to $10,000.
Resources Needed: Funding to continue offering our loans and support to small businesses: loan loss reserves; capital for emergency loans; operating funding to pay staff

Contact: Leslie
Grand Central-Kinship Resource Center
Mission: Philadelphia's kinship care resource center bringing together a consortium of community-based and public agencies, family members and community leaders to serve all who are caring for others' children, including relatives and family friends.

COVID-19 Response: Grand Central provides resources to primary grandmother’s who have the full time responsibility of their grandchildren. Many of our families have head of household that are older Americans who are being told to isolate, which is impossible due to the responsibilities to young children in their care. Many are afraid if something happens to them what will happen to the children. They are also afraid of all the school the children are missing and being unable to help them
Supplies Needed: Many of the families don’t have computer or tablets so that the children could access resources, some families with older children are helping via phone but it’s not enough
Resources Needed: Resources to keep the children living in grand families up to date with school work

Contact: Chartan Nelson,
One Day At A Time (ODAAT)

Mission: ODAAT is dedicated to serving low-income and homeless individuals in the Philadelphia area who are afflicted by addiction and HIV/AIDS. Our focus is on providing peer support and promoting healthy, positive lifestyles. ODAAT utilizes a community-based recovery model and support system, allowing people to recover in the same environment in which they became addicted. Website

COVID-19 Response: ODAAT has enhanced cleaning and implemented social distancing at our shelter sites. We have discontinued all client group meetings (recovery/support groups) and client activities (recreation and education), and face some challenges for creating a supportive and hospitable environment given these restraints. Our youth program staff has transitioned to remote check-ins with each student and is assisting with student meal services at a nearby distribution site.
Volunteers Needed: Remote instruction, enrichment, counseling or similar services for clients
Supplies Needed: Our key needs: increased cleaning supplies to support our aggressive cleaning schedule; protective gear for staff who may be responsible for identifying/assisting symptomatic clients.
Resources Needed: Funding as currently we are incurring costs associated with testing staff for COVID-19 and providing replacement staff during any quarantine

Contact: Karen Greenburg,

Mission: To motivate, empower, and inspire individuls to live their best lives.  With compassion at its core, our approach uses best practices and evidence-based programming to pave the way for personal and community transformation; Website

COVID-19 Response: SELF, INC. is the largest provider of emergency housing services to single adults in the City of Philadelphia. SELF is having a difficult time adapting services due to the volume, program structure and physical structures of our programs. We have been able to development mitigation plans that address, health and safety issues, food service issues, social distancing, community time, after hours services and winter Initiative van related services.
Supplies Needed: We need the below items in bulk as we serve approximately 700 people a day. However, we will accept any amount. Hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, masks, disposable gloves, infrared forehead thermometers, alcohol, soap, deodorant, papers towels, mouthwash, etc.
Resources Needed: We need resource support to help us review our mitigation plans to ensure they are clear, concise, effective and easy to use. We also need assistance with reviewing our physical space and making adjustments that meet the basic requirements of social distancing.

Contact: Mike Hinson,
Summer Youth Employment Program

Mission: The Urban Affairs Coalition Summer Youth Employment program provides paid summer job opportunities and internships to youth ages 14-18 through the WorkReady Program; Website

COVID-19 Response: UAC provides over 1,000 summer jobs each year on the behalf of the WorkReady program, which also hires over 35+ seasonal employees. I fear that although we've accomplished a lot remotely, we will not be able to properly serve our clients if this outbreak continues for weeks on end. We are working to gather commitment from employers to host youth this summer, and working to make sure youth complete their applications, so when the summer comes and this situation is behind us, we are ready to mobilize and serve our youth this summer
Volunteers Needed: 1-2 volunteers for assistance with communications and program planning
Supplies Needed: wipes, gloves, Lysol spay, hand sanitizer, masks for in office and front facing service
Resources Needed: proper technology for staff working remotely; Need employers to commit to hosting youth for Summer 2020, as - at this time - the program is expected to continue this summer

Contact: Sa'Dia Chance, (347)-584-6102

Mission: YOACAP works with community groups, parents, schools, and government entities to provide resources for the youth and community within Philadelphia; Website

COVID-19 Response: We are still our afternoon programming operating remotely. Getting ready for teen summer employment programming and continuing OST yearly programming. 
Supplies Needed: General office supplies
Resources Needed: Attempting to update our IT and telephone services. Would like to update our computers as well.

Contact: Woody Beale,

COVID-19 Updates

Below is a list of our recommended sources for accurate and timely information on COVID-19 - updates for both PA and NJ:
Text COVIDPHL to 888-777 for text alerts from the City of Philadelphia
Call at 1-800-722-7112 for reach the Greater Philadelphia Coronavirus Helpline; available 24/7 to speak with a healthcare professional.          


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